Are you a veteran who remembers making an oath:

"to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

Did you ever dream that the most evil and vile enemy we ever faced would be our DOMESTIC enemy?


Like many of us who have served honorably, you may have discovered that our government at all levels has taken our honorable service for granted.  It is becoming more evident all the time that the greatest enemy that we have ever faced is the DOMESTIC ENEMY.  It is that enemy that is no longer upholding the Constitution that we all swore to support and defend. Those of us who served put our lives on the line in defense of that most cherished Constitution which so many of our forefathers fought and died for.  In honor of their service, we ask you to join us in building a political party that will fight for us - not against us.

Our country cannot make meaningful corrections to major national  problems until we elect public servants who place their allegiance to the Constitution higher than to party politics or self.  Veterans will no longer be held captive in either one of the two globalist political parties, both of which have abandoned family values. Even the judiciary has run amuck and is in dire need of reform.  There is not a better time than now for us to unite within a third political party, considering that our country has become too big and too diverse to be restricted to just two major parties.  The two party system is dying.  It now only serves the purpose of advancing the agenda of the global elites.  Most all of us have come to realize that our time-tested American values are no longer at home in the other two parties, and oath keeping Veterans will not stand for this.  We led on the battlefields of far off lands, and now our country is calling us to lead at home.  We will not allow paper shuffeling progressive politicans to take from us that which so many of us have bled for. 

The Constitution Party is making great progress in reaching its near term goal of becoming the third-largest political party in America; yet, the "mainstream" news media routinely ignores us.  Stand up; speak out!  Help elect a President and a Congress who will abide by the Constitution and the will of the people.




National Veterans Coalition



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